Initial Consultation - £60

This first session is 3 hours long and will include an in-depth discussion so we can talk about any issues or concerns in order to fully personalise your training programme/advice.


This can be a one-off training session for minor issues, or it can be followed by a package of your choice (see below) depending on the type of training you want to provide for your dog.

It is £30 for a one-off one-hour session.

PLEASE NOTE - due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering these sessions fully remotely for those in isolation. You will need access to some form of video calling.

Package 1 (The Basics) - £120

Package 1 includes 3x 2 hour-long sessions and will cover the vital information necessary for bringing up a well-trained pup.

Package 2 (Intermediate) - £220

Package 2 includes 6x 2 hour-long sessions and will cover all the basics as well as other important information including how to teach your dog tricks.

Package 3 (Advanced) - £360

Package 3 includes 9x 2 hour-long sessions. You'll learn all the important stuff, and also have constant guidance and correctional training so we can help your dog grow into a well-behaved and happy pup.

Travel Expenses

We are happy to travel at no extra cost up to 50 miles away from our base in the midlands (Checkley). If you require us to travel more than 50 miles, we charge 0.45p per mile travel on the mileage after the free 50 miles.