We're the Biggest Dog Lovers Around!

We'd be pretty rubbish at our jobs if we weren't, wouldn't we? Our passion is what sets us apart.

One-On-One Training

Personalised training & advice to suit your breed, lifestyle, and goals! 

Just got your first puppy? Perhaps you have a dog already, but aren't sure how to properly train them? Or maybe your dog has some behavioural issues? That's where we come in. Our training service is catered to both you and your dog, allowing you to learn all the tricks you need to raise the perfect pup.

We come to your home for a convenient, personalised service. Using key principles of dog psychology, we show you how to raise your dog as naturally as possible, thereby avoiding potential future issues.

Help & Advice For Both Man & Dog

We're not just training your dog - we're giving you the advice you need to continue training even after we've gone.

Our sessions are designed so we can really get to know you and your dog. We then personalise a strategy that works for you, with weekly or bi-weekly sessions to help raise your dog into a beautiful, well-behaved member of the family. 


We're here to answer your questions and guide you to becoming a fantastic dog parent. 

Behavioural Training, Tricks, & More!

We provide not only vital information for raising a well-behaved dog, but also the expertise to teach them fun tricks!

As well as teaching obedience, quick & easy housebreaking, lead training, boundaries and other vital basics, we can show you how to be a calm and confident dog owner from the start - plus, we can show you how to teach your dog how to sit, stay, spin, speak on command, and more!

We will also show you how to avoid common mistakes and how to correct issues before they become a problem.