About Us

Welcome to Barking Mad Training!

Barking Mad Training was born from a love of dogs. Founded by Melissa Keen, Barking Mad Training works with you and your dog right in your own home. We view unwanted behaviour and carefully analyse it in order to come up with a personalised training program. Our training takes into account the breed, lifestyle, and environment your dog faces in order to deliver a service that will help your dog be a happy and well-behaved member of your family. 

Meet the Team

Melissa's family pup, Freddie, was found abandoned in a cardboard box. At just 7 weeks old, he was too young to have left his pup family. After a quick visit to the vets, Melissa's family decided to keep him. As a huge animal lover, Melissa chose to train Freddie herself in order to give him the best upbringing possible. This is where her love for dog training began.

Now 10 years old, Freddie lives with Melissa's Dad and he is a happy, lively and well-mannered pup. Freddie often assists Melissa in her training to help other dogs learn how to socialise properly with their own kind.

Melissa found training Freddie from puppyhood into adulthood fun and fascinating; she decided to pursue dog training to help teach others to give their dogs the best upbringing they can. Melissa has a certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition, and she is a certified dog first aider.


She is also training to become a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak means her examinations have been postponed.

"The key to effortless, hassle-free training lies in puppyhood. Most bad habits that can occur in dogs, such as chewing furniture or pulling on the lead, can be avoided before they start if you know what to do during this vital time.


With the correct knowledge and training tools, anyone can raise the perfect pup!"

Melissa Keen

Dog Trainer


Certified dog first aider

Certified in Dog Emotion & Cognition


Assistant Trainer